Team MoJo: New Scoop

This has been one of the most stressful things I’ve done, to be honest. While it is necessary for BA Communication students to learn to work in teams, doing so is in no way a walk in the park under flexible learning. For starters, the internet does not like to cooperate. Whether you’re uploading something, meeting with your group, or researching for your story, the internet will not let you do that as smoothly as you want. Additionally, your equipment would simply decide that, “Nope, not today.” My groupmates and I refused to give up, but it seems our crashing laptops were the ones giving up on us.

However, like everything else, we were able to finish our group MoJo. In this video, we report about democracy, voter education, media literacy, COVID vaccination, and a local community pantry. You can watch it here:



Remy Mae Consolacion

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